What's on

We have been commissioned by the National Trust to perform our Georgian Lives series of comic lectures at Seaton Delaval Hall in Northumberland.  We will update this page on a regular basis with information about dates,times and prices.  

Friday 20th April - Ailments & Remedies  
Saturday 23rd June -  18th Century Masked Ball at  Seaton Delaval Hall For details contact Alison Forbes, National Trust 0191 237 9100
Friday 13th July -  Rules of Engagement: an examination of etiquette tbc 
Friday 10th August -  Crime & Punishment tbc
Saturday 29th September - Georgian Banquet at Seaton Delaval Hall. For details contact Alison Forbes, National Trust 0191 237 9100

Here are photos of our most recent performance of 
Georgian Lives: a lecture on the art of Costumes & Make-up


  1. Mr. Macaroni, I see you have filched our pug-let Daffy again, & put on his Wig? Such a stunning performance, however, must allow for such aberrant things & we expect nothing less of a noodle. You have our resounding huzzahs, sir!

    1. Daffy was nominated for a Golden Bone award for his dog-wig perfromance