Saturday, 7 January 2012

Dr Faustus - from the archives

I thought it might be fun to marshal some archive material and post bits and pieces from previous productions. I'll start with Dr Faustus which we performed in 1995 - 6.

We toured this production in the North of England (including the Live Theatre in Newcastle and the Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond, Yorkshire), and then, funded by the British Council, in Germany.  The highlight of the German tour was playing as part of the International Shakespeare Festival in Neuss near Dusseldorf in the Globe Theatre. This was a pre-fabricated building originally designed to be moved about to different Garden Festival sites (remember Michael Hessletine and the controversial English equivalent?) before eventually being "plumbed in" permanently in 1991.

The Globe Theatre, Neuss, Germany

Globe Theatre, Neuss

Dr Faustus at Matfen Hall, Northumberland


  1. Macaroni, this is quite captivating! There is quite a treasure-trove of tricks under your wig.

    1. I'm so glad you think so. This was one of the rare occasions when our real hair was given an outing

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